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Sunday, August 21, 2005

crochet calendar :(

I got the pattern a day crochet calendar. It's got some wonderful patterns in it - no, really it does.
I'm just a tad disappointed in it, though. I submitted a pattern, got the acceptance letter and thought my pattern would be in the calendar. It wasn't. I emailed the nice lady and she explained that there wasn't enough room. And somehow the email telling me it wouldn't be inthe calendar never got sent. :( It isn't really a "pattern a day" - some patterns run over 2 or 3 days, but there is well over 300 patterns in the calendar. I was told it could be in the next one, if I wanted it to be. I feel kind of silly because I told people "yup, I got a crochet pattern published". But that's the breaks of the game, isn't it? I know of designers who are having their work held up for a very _long_ time, so this is not that big a deal. okay, I wasn't a happy camper yesterday, it has been an ugly week, but in the whole scheme of the world, it really isn't something to get bent out of shape about.

The patterns are _truly_ amazing. There are thread bears, some fascinating granny squares as well as an assortment of hats and scarfs. I was really impressed with the gloves, they look so _cool_. All the work looked terrific and congratulations to everybody who had a part in putting this calendar together. It's supposed to become a tradition and I hope it does.

One thing I don't care for is that all the pages are loose. I don't normally get a day by day calendar, so maybe this is how they are set up. I would have preferred a wire bound calendar, but that's just _me_. It does come in a box that allows the paged to "sit up" and I guess you put older pages in the back of the newer pages. If you're interested in the calendar, they do sell it at major book stores as well as Amazon. (nope, no kickbacks for me)

While we're on the subject of crochet calendars, I have a story to share with you. A long time ago, "Annie's Attic" would put out a crochet calendar, a pattern per month. I thought this was a _great_ idea, bought one and hung it up where I was working at the time. It's really cool to be able to look at something other that a computer monitor all day and the patterns, as of all "Annie's Attics" pattern, were generally good. Other people had their calendars up - my youngest sister, who worked across the aisle from me had her calendar up - "The Men of Chippendales". Not a big deal.

Around the middle of March, I was called into the office of my supervisor. Apparently, somebody had complained _long_ and_hard_ about my calendar, claiming it was "sexual harassment". I thought this was a big joke. Than I was told I had to take the calendar _down_. I asked why. Seems as if a guy who was working there was "offended" by my calendar. I went back to my desk and showed it to my supervisor, asking him to show me the offending bits. He couldn't. But I _still_ had to take it down. Not one to go gently, I pointed out my sister had a Chippendale calendar, surely he must have meant _that_ calendar. No, my supervisor said, he said "Robin's calendar". So I took it down and put it in my desk at work. No more could I look at intricate stitches when I should have been thinking about work. No more would anybody be offended by seeing "mile-a-minute" afghans or *shudder* half double crochet stitches in all their sensual glory.

As for my sister's calendar, well, it stayed up the whole year. _Nobody_ complained about it, leaving me to wonder what kind of fruit loops I worked with - apparently those who were turned on by crochet. Good thing they didn't know I had a pattern book in my bag most days - I can't imagine what would have happened to me;) But one thing I learned - I never hung up another crochet calendar at work, it's just too risky;)


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