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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Scrips and scraps

I have been lucky the last couple of days - I hit the used bookstore and found a _lot_ of old crochet patterns. A lot of the patterns are in thread, which I don't do very well, but they are still _beautiful_ to look at. Plus I may give them to somebody who _does_ do threadwork. I have an absolutely _beautiful_ doily made for me by a great crocheter (Beatriz) in Brasil. I have it in a very special place, under the teddy bear my older son gave my mom on my older son's first Christmas - that was his present to his grandmother. I keep it on a special shelf, with the doily displayed around the bear. It really soothes me to look at both items.

Here's something else for you - a barefoot sandal pattern
It's really nifty looking and if you're able to wear that type of sandal, a lovely pattern. (nope, I don't get a kickback form Lion Brand for mentioning it.)

But speaking of Lion Brand, they have a newsletter and in it, they mention having blogs. They have 2 already, but both are about knitting. They ask "what kind of blog would you have?" and I gave the info on this blog. If I'd been a little slower starting or they'd been a little faster, I might have been posting there instead of here. Not a big deal.

I don't want to brag (okay, I do) but I got a lovely gift from my beloved today. We celebrate almost anything around here, but he's the _real_ romantic and gave me a gift for the anniversary of our first date. I got 2 pairs of crochet hook earrings and a crochet hook key chain. These hooks are small, but they are _fully_ functional and very pretty. Here's the info for them http://stores.ebay.com/Jans-Hooks-and-Needles
(nope, no kickback from them, either. I can be bribed;) but I'm not that important for anyone to bother bribing me;))

It's been _too_ hot_ for afghans, so I've being working on preemie hats. They don't lay in your lap and make you warm like an afghan does. And the hats work up quickly, so I feel as if I have accomplished _something_ in this heat.

I really don't have too much more to say. Tomorrow I'm going to try something new - organize my hooks by sizes and types. I have many aluminum (mostly Boyes) and some steel (oh wait, they are _Boyes_ too;)). I am hoping that will make it easier to find the right size hook instead of digging thru the pencil case bags I've been using. We shall see.


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