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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Crochet Insider

The new issue of "Crochet Insider" is up and if you've never taken a look at it, please check it ou. It has wonderful interviews by various crochet folks as well as patterns and reviews of books.
One of my favorite pieces this time was the story of the "Yarn Princess" and her stash. It's a little difficult to feel _that_ sorry for her;)
Plus there are interviews - Margery Winter, Kim Werker, Jean Leinhauser, Adina Klein, Jennifer Hansen, Lily Chin and Doris Chan all have interviews you can read. It's interesting to me to see how a designer thinks and plans the projects.
The Gallery has lovely photos of finished projects - almost any type of project you can think of. I particularly like the tea cozy, but it wouldn't work for me - I drink the tea too fast.
There's also a yarn review, which is pretty cool. Want to find out what Skacel is going to have out for this summer? Check it out.

Here's the link:

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