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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

ripple pattern

I crocheted a _lot_ of ripple stitch afghans in the '70s with those lovely '70s colors;) You know, the avocado green and harvest gold stuff, the yarn in the ripple stitch kit. I recently bought a wool one at a thrift shop, intending to felt it and maybe make a bag or a hook holder with it. But crochet felts differently than knit. A knitted article will felt so you can't see the individual stitches. The felted crochet afgan still shows distinct stitches.

But this isn't really about my experiments in the washer. I found a great blog, where the blogger made a bright ripple and it looks _great_. None of that going crazy because you can't really tell the difference between the 3 shades of light blue. (Am I the only one who has done that - switched the lighter shades proper place and not realize it until 12 rows or so?).

here's the spot:

and here's the Payton update
He had the third surgery yesterday. They bumped it up a day because his foot was swelling. They had to remove the dressing to look at the foot, so they decided to go ahead with the fourth skin graft. He is doing okay and healing well. Thanks for all the letters of support for me and my family. Payton still has a long way to go, but it looks like it's going well.

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