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Monday, May 14, 2007

amigurami bunny film

This was posted in another group and I just wanted to share it with it. It's cute and it's cool. And you may think you recognize the song, despite the fact it's sung in Japanese. You may know it if you are familiar with John Sebastian's work. The song is "Magical Connection" and it's on one of his older albums (or cds, I guess). It's a neat blending of the artist's crocheting and film making.


I don't get a kickback from any of the particpants, but that bunny sure is cute.

Payton update:
He's still having some difficulty but they are hoping he will be out in time for his birthday (the 26th).

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Hi Robin:
You are my exchange name for the stitch marker exchange on the Crochetalocholic's swap blog. I searched the blog for your wish list and didn't see it. Can you give me an idea of the things you like, especially colors? I would like to get your package sent soon.

Priscilla (Summersgirl)