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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Merging Magazines, part 2

For those of you who subscribe to both "Hooked on Crochet" and "Annie's Favorite Crochet", here's the answer from an email from the customer service. She answered very quickly.
Thank you for your email. When we combine Annie's Favorite Crochet and Hooked on Crochet, we will honor any current subscription that you have with each magazine. For example if you have in your current subscription to Annie's Favorite Crochet 5 issues left and in Hooked on Crochet you have 7 issues, when we combined the two into Annie's Hooked on Crochet you will have 12 issues remaining in your subscription.
Please let us know if we may be of futher assistance to you.

so in case you were wondering....

Payton update:
The Johns Hopkins team said that Payton's skin grafts are 100% healed. According to my sister, the skin looks "raw" but the nurse assured her that the skin grafts took and he is healed. They have started physical therapy (just walking a little bit) and it's tough for him, but he's doing it. He still has the feeding tube in, but he is eating more because they have decreased his pain medication. Now he gets it when he needs it. Next week they will be transferring him to Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital, where Payton will have more physical therapy. It looks like he will stay a week (or so) there and be released to home. He will still have physical therapy but it will be on an outpatient basis.
A very huge "thank you" to the Johns Hopkins Pediatric Hospital and their staff. Without their skilled and compassionate care, Payton's story could have had a very different ending.


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