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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fruit flies like a banana;)

time flies like an arrow;)

Sorry for not keeping up, had a few ugly weeks at work* than the hustle & bustle of my two sons moving out and I'm just amazed at how fast time goes by. At any rate, I realized I had promised 2 charity squares for somebody & didn't do it yet. I better get myself together & do it.

as for the Payton update:

The trial of the two 16 year olds was supposed to be today but it got postponed. I don't know why. I think they are trying to get another venue for the trial, originally the lawyers had made some noise about the juveniles not being able to get a fair trial in Baltimore County.

And as if things aren't crazy enough, Payton's dad, Rich, had to go into the hospital for emergency surgery. He's okay, but obviously since Payton's at a pediatric hospital, Rich is in another hospital.

* Bad work weeks make my right wrist quite tender, therefore, I don't crochet.


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