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Sunday, June 03, 2007

hot crochet

Okay, I know that term probably has been used to death in connection with this particular link, but it works.
You may (or may not) be familiar with Bjork, an Icelandic singer. She was originally with the Sugarcubes, she did a song for the opening of the 2004 Summer Olympics ("Oceania") and Madonna sings one of her songs "Bedtime Story" on Madonna's cd "Bedtime Stories". If you don't know her music, this may trigger your memory as to who she is - she is the performer that wore the "swan dress" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bjork#The_swan_dress

Anyway, she has a new cd out ("Volta") and the "alternative cover" (for Poland and Latin America) is this little number

A crocheted outfit that has flames coming off of it! How hot is _that_? I have no idea whether she made it herself or purchased it, but it's definitely a different look for crochet. I don't know why it is the alternative cover just for Poland and Latin America, perhaps it has a deeper meaning for those folks? Check it out for yourself.

Payton Update:
It looks as if Payton will be coming home on Wednesday, June 6. He still has a cery long way to go with the rehab, but I know Payton will be happy to be back home.

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Hi Robin. I was wondering if you got the package I sent you for the Crochetacholic's Swap Blog. I sent it on May 23rd from California. Pleaselet me know by posting on the Crochetacholic's blog spot or my blog spot.