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Friday, June 01, 2007

The sea creatures you'll see

I haven't been to the beach in ages. I _like_ the beach, but I also don't like getting sunburnned. I can stay outside for 15 minutes & get a sunburn. As to sunscreens, they do work - but not as well as I think they should. I mean, SPF 45 should allow me to stay outside 45 times longer than what I could without it (that's my reasoning) without getting fried. It doesn't work that way for me. Sometimes I think I should just use Crisco;) When I smeeled the skin burning, I'd know it was time to get out of the sun.
But I do have a deep appreciation of the ocean and the creatures that live in it. I was a volunteer at the National Aquarium in Baltimore for about a year or so and I really liked talking about the displays and doing demonstrations. I don't have any pet fish because I flunked goldfish.

So you're wondering, what does this have to do with crochet? well, here's the link
M's Jorgensen has made some fantastic looking sea creatures out of crochet. I don't remember seeing any of them at the National Aquarium (or at the beaches I've been to) but they are amazing to look at - the polypod is cool but the sea aneome is really awesome. There's also an interview with her in the April issue of "Crochet Insider"


Her work reminds me of something I read, where the crochet artist spoke of using her crochet hook as a sculpturing tool. (Was that "Crocheting in Plain English" by Maggie Righetti or maybe the freeform team of Sylvia Cosh and James Walters - "The Crochet Workbook" ? I'm not sure.)

So if you're limited to beach excursions because of that whole work thing (having to pay the mortgage, feed the bunny and buy yarn), you can see a little ocean beauty in crochet. I don't think there are patterns for the creatures, but you could get inspired enough to try to make them on your own.


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