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Monday, March 17, 2008

FM 3/17/08

You have to remember that I worked as a volunteer for a little over a year at ther National Aquarium in Baltimore to hunderstand my obsession with a hyperbolic crochet reef project:

This site has a lot of answers to your crochet questions and can direct you where to find tutorials on various techniques:

Carolyn Christmas' website, free as well as pay patterns. These are terrific:

I was looking for a frog pattern and I came across this particular gem - a tree frog pattern. If you got a frog lover in your life, here you go:

Want to learn more about fair use? Check out this website

It's not quite clear to me what counterfeit crochet is, but this certainly_sounds_ interesting:

This is a cool thing to crochet with sock yarn (or any other yarn for that matter). I can't quite explain what it is except a sort of pointy ball thing:
Click here: Berroco® Free Pattern | Celestine Crochet

If you need comfort or somebody you know needs some comfort, check out Noreen Crone-Findlay's bear pattern. Who couldn't use some comfort?

Do you remember the Leggs pantyhose that came in an egg? I do. Here's some free patterns that use the egg - or you could just use some stuffing.

Easter is almost here and the stores are filled with yummy chocolate. But if you want to give your waist (or hips) a break, this site has a zero calorie "Cadbury Creme Egg".

I have never worked with lace weight yarn, but this shawl pattern makes me want to buy some and test the pattern.

Have you ever crocheted socks? Or a Christmas stocking? How about a crochet (and knit) sock contest? Read the rules and regulations here and_good_ luck_!

This is a really cool idea - wildlife rescue nests.

I'm a fool for pansies and this afghan is lovely:

This is a really cool looking square.

And this isn't free and it's only marginally about crochet but here it is:
This is a petition to get Vickie Howell and "Knitty Gritty" back for another season. I think M's Howell is a terrific hostess and I do watch "Knitty Gritty" every chance I get. I don't knit, but I like to see the techniques because they do translate to crochet and I like the guests as well as M's Howell. So if you want to sign the petition, that's the site for it.

Before I sign off for this post, I'd like to thank all of you who have sent condolences to me regarding the death of my grandmother. It really means a lot to me.

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Noreen Crone-Findlay said...

Hi Blaze
Thank you so much for the link!

And, heartfelt condolences on the death of your grandmother.
all the best