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Sunday, March 30, 2008

FM 3/31/08

People used to laugh at me when I told them I met my beloved thru an ad in the local free weekly paper. But now with Match.Com and E-Harmony, it really doesn't seem that strange. Here's a man that posted his description online. He's interested in cocaine, crystal meth and _crochet_. As far as I know, "crochet" isn't slang for any particular drug. And no, there's no pattern attached, but it's a hoot to read.

I took the easy way out and found a site that has a lot of different patterns (crochet as well as knit) for bunnies and lambs. Yes, Easter is over, but bunnies and lambs are always popular.

I made a pair of baby booties for each of my two sons. I measured the gauge carefully and produced a very nice white pair of booties for each. But even checking the guage didn't help me because both sons had big feet. Of course, they couldn't wear the booties and I ended up giving them away. But if you have a baby to crochet for that has more baby size feet, this site will come in handy. http://fairythreads.com/?p=840

This is a really cute pattern for a small crocheted airplane. You could make it to go with the baby booties: http://www.innerchildcrochet.com/patterns/mini_stuffed_airplane.html

This is a very nice pattern for a preemie cap.

Again with the baby theme, here's a pattern for a "crocheted diaper basket".

Need a cool crocheted dishcloth or you could make a hot pad with this pattern from the Peaches and Creme people: http://elmore-pisgah.com/ladder_stitch_crocheted_dishcloth.htm

Remember the pantsuits for women trend quite a few years ago? Most were not particularly flattering. This isn't a free pattern, but you still have to see it to check out how far pantsuits have come. And if you can manage to work up a blazer like this for your own wardrobe, you'd save about $1, 800.00 and have some major bragging rights.
Jean Paul Gaultier- Crochet Inset Blazer

You know the usual - no kickbacks for me.

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