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Sunday, March 23, 2008

FM 3/24/08

If you want to try crocheting with beads, this site has a cool beaded crochet bag.

In Chicago, the crocheters decided to do something slightly differnet than make hats and mittens - they decided to "artistically litter" the area, with, of course crochet on the trees.

It's not too late to enter this contest. I really can't think of a heart design I haven't seen someone else do (and better, I might add) but hopefully you have more imagination than I do. Good luck!

These are some Japanese crochet patterns. I don't know Japanese but my sons and my beloved know the language. But you can probably suss it out by the diagrams.

I have often though of running a bakery, with vintage crocheted potholders hung up as a kind of decoration. I haven't made a business plan or found a location, but I _can_ make these cool potholders.

Not free patterns, but a fashion show and some inspiration for you:

These are _book_ thongs, folks, not people thongs. Although what you do with them after you make them is entirely up to you. Check out the owl and fish _book_ thongs.

Not a free pattern, but an interesting story of how crochet leads to higher education:

It's sad but true - sometimes you don't get along with your crochet hook. It might split the yarn or decide to get lost at a crucial point in crocheting. Or you might be using it for something you shouldn't have been doing (killing the squeaker box on an annoying toy - Boye steel hook #7, I'm talking about _you_)) and the tip breaks off. Here's another use for it:

I love sunflowers. I was especially disappointed last year that _no_ sunflowers grew in my yard. That's unusual for me because we usually have at least 5 growing tall (and sometimes more). This lapghan has the bright colors of sunflowers:

This is a filet teddy bear square. It's pretty cool looking:

This is the birds and the bees of crocheting;) When a "mommy yarn" and a "daddy yarn"... no, it's really a cute pattern for crocheted birds and bees:

There was a pattern for a shawl called "Seraphina" (I'm not quite sure where it was originally published, to be truthful). Apparently, the pattern needed to be teaked and here it is, a seraphina shawl adaptation:

Wonder about shelling out the cash for the ergonomic hooks? Here's a great review of the Provo brand of ergonomic crochet hooks:

Did I mention this Spider-Man afghan before? If I did. sorry, I just happened to remember it again. If not, well, hooray for me;)

As usual, I receive no kickbacks from any site I have mentioned. I'd take them, but nobody's offering;)

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