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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

fm (a day late)

Here is a fascinating site for those of you who like miniatures. This is a pattern for a miniature bouquet. Absolutely amazing to me....

Looking for something a little different in a hotpad? Check this pattern out for a beautiful hotpad pattern, sort of Celtic in looks (at least to me).

Way back in the depths of time, there was a pattern featured that had Marilyn Monroe worked into it. Todd Paschall has the method of taking a photo and working it into an afghan at this site.

Just in case the airconditioning is a bit colder than you would like, here's a shawl pattern for you.

I may have posted this one already, but I'm not sure.....

Noreen Crone-Findlay's pattern for an angel doll for peace. Her work is always great and this is cool.

Doris Chan has a pattern for a wrap. I love M's Chan's patterns of "exploded doilies".

An article that talks about the benefits of crochet (and knitting).

As usual, no kickbacks for me. I even thought of setting up a separate mail box to accept them but nobody's even offering;)


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