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Sunday, June 08, 2008

FM June 9. 2008

I'd like to start on a serious note this week with a link to Wheat Carr's blog. M's Carr is writing about the Orphan Works Act. How this act is decided upon will determine the future for crochet. Basically, it's to protect the designers of crochet from people ripping off their patterns and claiming it as their own. If crochet designers get ripped off, they can not afford to create crochet designs. If they can't creat crochet designs, that means crocheters will be trying to reinvent the wheel with each new project. I think M's Carr puts it much better than I could. So definitely check it out:

If you have been crocheting for a long time, you may remember the "crazy daisy" maker. They sold it on tv as well as in some 5&10 stores quite some time ago. Sometimes you can come across them in thrift shops or even on Ebay. This is a pattern on how to make a monkey using the "crazy daisy" winder. It makes it sort of like making yo-yos. Pretty cool - plus I bet you can think of some other uses for the daisy winder:

Need a quick cute necklace for the summertime - here you go:

Betty Hechtman talking about her upcoming book, "Dead Men Don't Crochet" and the shawl pattern in it:

This is such a great site - little acorn and strawberry purses to make:

Here's another pattern for a crocheted bee - very cute

Need a light weight summer hat so your scalp doesn't get burned? Try this one:

This is cute and quick - a flower ring:

Speaking of flowers, how about a flower potholder?

Carol Ventura has a video on You Tube showing how to do felted tapestry crochet:

And here's something handy if you want to do tapestry crochet or maybe filet crochet - different graph paper you can print out:

The "Celebrate" contest is still on, you must make a comment on the "Celebrate" blog to be in the drawing.

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