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Sunday, August 03, 2008

FM August 4, 2008

On the recovery front, things have gotten a bit, ahh, worse for wear. My surgical incision popped open about 4 inches long and 1 ince deep. I swear, I was only embroidering at the time. (I was embroidering around crocheted flowers I put on a pair of jeans.) It bled a lot but wasn't too serious, I guess. The incision got repacked and now my poor husband has another task, clean and pack the incision twice a day. It is down to 3 inches long and about 1/2 inch deep, so it is healing.
The other thing hindering recovery is I missed a step at my youngest sister's house and brought my (considerable) weight on my right foot, which folded up under me. I thought it was merely a sprain, but the lovely purple bruises have me thinking otherwise. So I have been under "house arrest" ;) since last Tuesday, after that accident happened. Luckily, the incision did not pop open again. I plan to have the foot checked out at my doctor's appointment.....
On the plus side, I have made about 4 bags, 1 bunny and 2 pairs of adult booties (the Carolyn Christmas "Gourmet Crochet" ones) so far. I'm not too sure about the Yarn Olympics thing, I can't "shop my stash" with a bum foot. *sigh*
Now on with the show.

"Years of Yarncraft", a Sluggy Freelance production. This is not a pattern but hilarious all the same. I have a few Sluggy Freelance items (t-shirts, Bun-Bun) that I was lucky enough to have my sons get me as gifts. Check it out:

This is a crochet caliometry pattern, but I can't tell you what a caliometry is because I don't know. But it looks interesting.

This is one of those neck pillows, shaped like a cat and it's for kids. Why do kids have all the fun?

Another geometric afghan pattern for you:

Of course, this is the Olympic challenge I spoke of earlier. I don't know if I will make this, maybe I'll substitute something else for the taprestry kitty pattern....
2008 Crochet Games of Ancient Greece Challenge

I can't tell you how long ago I learned to make a granny square, maybe when dinosaurs roamed the earth;) But if you don't know how to crochet a granny square, here's a site for you:

I've made a lot of scrunchies, but never a "curly" one. Check it out:

Want to know what to do with all those useless cds you got from AOL and the rest? Here's a site to guide you on using your cds with crochet.

Manitiu's crochet beehive shawl pattern, absolutely beautiful.

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream - that seems rather rude, doesn't it? You can make a little ice cream cone purse to keep your ice cream money in:

And this scrunchie pattern is from the same spot.

Want to try your hand at filet crochet? Here's a neat pattern for a filet teapot chart:

Here's advice on how to use your stash up and a new (to me) acronym, SABLE - Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy....hmmm

This is a bunny hat for adults. Lady Linoleum calls it "inebriated bunny hat" which since she's the designer, she has the right to do.... I love it, inebriated or not.

Have rags, make butterfly rug. Or maybe you could just use thick yarn, it would be a different look but I bet it would still be pretty cool.

Yes, here's another Christmas pattern for a towel this time. Yeah, I know not everybody celebrates Christmas and it's only August, but here it is anyway.....

This is a Maneki Neko crochet pattern and if you are wondering what a "Maneki Neko" is, I can tell you "neko" means cat in Japanese, but I don't know what "maneki" means. Perhaps happy or lucky? You'll recognize this cat if you frequent Chinese restaurants as they always seem to have a huge pink statue of this in the restaurants.

As usual, I do not receive a kickback or payoff from any of the sites listed here. I'd accept the bribes, but apparently there's none being offered;)

_Enjoy_ :)


meetmeatmikes said...

Oh thank you! what a lovely list of links you have compiled! thanks for taking the time to do it! xx

KR said...

Thanks for the mention on the list! :)
Reclaiming The Home

Lynn said...

Thanks for mentioning my daughter's work on your blog! She loved all the comments we got about the post I did. I know I think she is talented but it is good to know others think so too. :)