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Saturday, June 18, 2005

just a little rant

I watch tv and I am always surprised at the lack of hobbies of the females in the sitcom / drama type shows. For instance, "7th Heaven", the mom character is almost always in the kitchen chopping up vegetables. I know she's got about 127 kids living there, along with the various folks that wander in just in time for a meal, but *sheesh*, can't she do anything else? Her daughters or sons for that matter do not seem to have any hobbies (besides their "wacky plans" that always seem to self destruct).
Can't people have hobbies on tv?

One show I particularly like when I was a kid was "The Addams Family". Morticia (played by Carolyn Jones) always seemed to be doing _something_ besides being a wife and a mom. She tended her huge, strange plants. She also was seen knitting what appeared to be a very long scarf. She was always doing _something_ creative. I didn't really "get" knitting than (I still don't) but at least she was producing something.

Wouldn't it be _funny_ to see Rob Petrie open up the closet door and instead of walnuts falling out, it would be skeins of yarn? (What did Laura do all day?)Or how about Mrs Brady - she had 6 kids, but she also had a housekeeper. What did she do with her free time?

How about seeing somebody trying to hide their stash from their spouse? The spouse could think the other has some major item hidden and it would turn out to be yarn? e Or even produce something useful, that somebody would like to use? I would think it wouldn't be that to incorporate needlework into the fabric of a show. Supposedly there are lots of actors and actresses that do various types of needlework, so just slip it in there. I think a lot more shows would be more interesting if you were checking the progress of somebody's work - you could even tell if the shows were being aired out of sequence by the amount of work on the project.

I know it's silly to rant on this particular theme. After all, I'd be expecting the writers to think more about their characters than what they normally seem to do. But instead of seeing the same old plots played out the same old way, you could have the hubby get jealous when he found out wifey made a sweater for the old boyfriend. You could have wifey get mad because hubby builds a beautiful crib for a co-worker. And you can reverse the genders, just to have a bit of fun. But than you'd have to give these people enough intelligence to be able to follow a pattern and most tv characters are _not_ portrayed in that way.

enough of my rant for tonight.

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