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Sunday, June 26, 2005

The world's fastest crocheter

The link given is for the newspaper article about the new world's fastest crocheter - 170 stitches per minute! That's truly amazing. Now Lisa Gentry is the "Guiness Book of World Records" fastest crocheter. According to other groups, Lily Chin is the world's fastest crocheter.

I presume there will be some sort of showdown between the two to figure out who _really_ is the world's fastest crocheter. THere's definite advantages to speed - you can get your projects done quicker, and as a result create more projects. It's easy to "whip something up" when you need a quick gift, provided you are willing to dip into your precious stash.

I do wonder if Lisa Gentry will receive the kind of press that Lily Chin has received. I also wonder if M's Gentry will have her own line of yarn, as M's Chin does. This should be interesting to watch, and hopefully, bring more attention to crocheting.

One interesting thing is both M's CHin and M's Gentry knit as well as crochet. I wonder if doing both arts would increase the speed for both.

And now I will wonder upstairs and try to figure out what kind of trouble I can get into next.


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