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Thursday, June 16, 2005

the turtle is finished

yes, finally I finished hin last night, embroidered the face & stuffed the little reptile. I don't quite like the face, the mouth is the wrong shade of red to me, but if I waited to find the right shade of red, the kid would be having a kid of his/her own.

I didn't crochet anything today, just sort of took a break. My right wrist is not happy when I crochet a lot. I could cure that by not working but how would I be able to afford yarn?

I see Lily Chin has her own line of yarn out. I wonder who is putting it out for her? I know she has done some design work for Lion Brand before, so maybe they are. Certainly she just didn't buy a yarn factory - or _did_she? hmmmmmm She will be on the "Do it Yourself" network which my stinky Comcast cable doesn't have, poor, poor, pitiful me;)

anyway, that's it's hot & sticky (that's the weather forecast for the rest of the summer for Baltimore and vicinities) and I got to go to work tomorrow. I think I will begin on the preemie caps again, but I just got all that great yarn from Big Lots*

decisions, decisions, again I wouldn't have this problem if I just stopped working....oh well.


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