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Sunday, June 26, 2005

my leave

I was a bit under the weather of late, so I haven't posted anything. I also haven't _crocheted_ anything, so that tells you how bad I felt - still feel, but I'm better.

I did drop off the afghan & turtle today, as well as a shawl for my sister. I'm glad to get them out of the house, not because they take up a tremendous amount of room, but because now it feels like I finished those items.

THe project I am gearing up to work on is the filet lion curtains. I am using the pattern from "101 Filet Patterns" for the curtains, it's of a lion in profile. I've made some notations on it and I've got the yarn, just trying to get psyched up for it.

ah, well. Another weekend coming to an end (boo!) and another work week beginning. Hopefully I will be working on some preemie caps on the commute to work. I've felt too yucky to work on anything.

Enough of my whining for today.


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