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Sunday, June 05, 2005

a pause between projects

I am currently inbetweeen projects, which means I feel sort of aimless. I'm working on a granny square afghan, just one big granny square, but it's not for anybody in particular and it's sort of mindless work, which is probably what I need right now.

My next project, however, I got to do a little research on. It's going to be a filet lion standing in profile, to be made into a tier for the Kimba curtains we already have in our dining room. I've got to copy the pattern (it's in a filet crochet book, just the symbols) and make my notes on it. This one will require a bit more concentration on my part and hopefully, that will be what I need at this point in my life.

Before kids, I usually had a notebook crammed with projects I intended to make - Christmas gifts, birthday presents, all sorts of stuff. I'd have references on colors, yarns and patterns. That went out the window when I had my first son over 25 years ago. I know other people are more organized then I am, but I still don't know how they do it.

But I exchanged the planning and deadlines for something else - a spontinaity I didn't know existed. Sometimes I'd come home from work and a teddy would have to be repaired. Or maybe one of the boys would think of a new toy that I could make for them. And of course, I became the "Bob Mackie" of the stuffed animal world. I did make clothes for Barbie(tm) for my neice, but not as frequently as coming up with something new for some furry friend. I enjoyed this because I'd use socks when I was a little girl to make clothes for my dolls. Now I could create clothes and now get into trouble with my mom;). Somehow, mom's don't like it when you cut up the baby's socks to make clothes. They don't seem to understand the importance of it.

There's only 1 small child in the family to make something for and that's my grandnephew, who I hardly ever see. But I'm making a mental list of what I want to make if I am lucky enough to become a grandmother. And I continue to make crocheted toys to give to friends.

And that wil have to hold me until such time a grandbaby shows up.

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