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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Barbie and Ken

I never had either of these dolls growing up because I didn't particularly want them. I had other dolls (anyone remember "Tammy, the Ideal teen"?) My girlfriends and I would make furniture or cars from anything we could get our hands on. That was fun. But I didn't know how to crochet back then. Later on, I got a Barbie so I could make clothes for her as a gift for my younger neice. I first worked with the very thick chenille for a project for Barbie - I made Barbie a mink coat. (I don't remember how I did it, just making it to fit the doll).

But some people take their Barbie and Ken a little more serious. At this website, Barbie ends up with some cool furniture, some cool clothes and a crocheted doggy.
check it out:

Click here: Threadbared: A Threadbared Epic: "Barbie & Ken - Living In A Crocheted Paradise."

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