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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

ugly sock update

I tend to forget that I can't watch tv and crochet a pattern I'm not familiar with at the same time. I am watching "Joan of Arcardia" on dvd (I didn't see it when it was out) and trying to work on ugly sock number one. I keep looking at the heel and think "what is wrong with this?". the heel seems to be getting wider. I do have fat feet, but even _my_heels aren't that wide;)
I think I must have skipped a part in the directions, sort of glancing at it and thinking I knew what was going on with it. Obviously I must take it apart to figure it out. Maybe I should have picked a sock pattern where I wouldn't need to turn a heel.
At any rate, I'll take a closer look tomorrow and figure out where I went wrong. I should study the crochet pattern a bit more and maybe look at the other patterns. I've made socks before, just never used this particular pattern. Too bad they won't let me crochet at work;)

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