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Monday, August 28, 2006

the new project

I am workin on the 8 point star afghan from the "100 Crochet Projects". The pattern in the book uses Red Hearts' "Baby Clouds" (I think, it's that very fluffy yarn - hmm, could be "Light and Lofty") which I decided I didn't have the proper colors in that particular yarn. I am using Red Heart's soft yarn (no, really, I think that's waht it is called) and Caron's "Simply Soft" in a blue and white pattern. I am using an H hook (of course, it's a Boye;)) and it is working up quickly. Of course, it won't be finished in 18 rounds - the yarn is not that thick. But I'll just repeat the pattern until it gets to be the size I want. I'll probably make a turtle to go with the afghan (a co-worker's wife is pregnant.)
On the way to work (nope, my younger son drives), I crochet preemie hats for the NICU at University of Maryland Hospital. I like using varigated yarn, but I have to watch it. One time I put "curls" coming from the top of the hat and some parents didn't want their sons to wear a "girl's hat". Well, I thought it was cute.
Despite my protests to the contrary, I did buy more yarn at Wal-Mart. One is something I've never seen before from Red Heart - it's called "Strata". It is a wildly varigated yarn. I also bought a skein of yarn that had 70s colors in it . Yes, I know that's a crazy thing to do, but who said I was sane? I plan to make a turtle pin cushion out of that yarn, and maybe a few more pin cushions.
Oooh, I got to take a photo of the purse I made. It's cute, it's seasonal and probably a bit young for me....

p.s. I do not get a kickback from any of the companies I named. Now if they want to bribe me, they can just send me yarn - a lot of it;)

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