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Saturday, August 05, 2006

ugly sock update 3

well, I did take the ugly sock apart & start again, I am much happier with the way this one looks right now. I think it would better if I used real self striping sock yarn but this is just for fun. This particular pattern uses slip stitches to build on. FIrst the cuff is created, which is relatively simple - single crochet in the back of the previous single crochet row. Than crochet a row of single crochet along the long edge of the cuff, join with a slip stitch and begin slip stitching around. In the book, it's called "poor man's knitting" but it only looks like knit to me on the wrong side. The test will be turning the heel (eeek!);) I got to get moving on this project, I got 2 baby afghans I got to make by September. I am going to use the star ripple pattern
which worked up very quickly for my neice's baby. Again, it will be blue and white (twin boys, a co-worker's wife) and I will be using stash yarn. I can't really say I am using up my stash. I tend to buy more all the time. I buy it "on sale" as if that makes it all right to continue to acquire yarn. *sigh* But I'd probably be buying something else (clothes, books) if I wasn't buying yarn.
There is a neat round ripple pattern in "100 Crochet Projects" also, but it uses the Red Heart Baby Clouds yarn. I like this yarn, but believe it or else, I don't have the right colors in my stash to create this pattern. I bought the green, but now _everybody_ seems to know the sex of the baby, it just seems appropriate to do the afghan in the traditional colors. I wonder if they sell as much of the green and yellow baby yarn now?
I hit the thrift shop again and got some more of the pink and lavender eyelash yarn. I can only guess that somebody moved or cleaned out their stash and I'm the lucky buyer. They also had granny squares. I didn't buy any of those, I got enough around here for at least 2 afghans if I ever get around to putting them together. I'll just put that on my "to do list" . I just need to learn how to crochet with my feet;) After all, my feet are just under my desk most of the day, so why not? Hmm., I'd probably get carpal tunnel of the feet....


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