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Saturday, April 14, 2007

the zine scene and amigurimi

A zine is one of those "labor of love" type of publications, it can be small like the old style "TV Guide" or larger, as the size of a "normal" magazine. But what do zines have to offer that a mainstream magazine doesn't? A lot more variety.
I recently purchased some issues of "Croq" from www.croqzine.com
I have to tell you, they did give some major freebies. I got a small magnet with "Croq" on it, a small pin from Frosty Lime Designs (www.frostylime.com). The pin appears to be made out of a small piece of china that has yellow roses on it. How did they know I loved yellow roses? So no kickback from theim in the traditional sense, just some cool freebies. Plus I got some ads for other zines.
I bought the Winter 2006, Issue 3 of "Croq" because they had a pattern of an amigurimi bee by Tamara Bower-Snow (www.roxycraft.com). As always, M's Bower-Snow's instructions were clear and concise. Her bee turned out to be much cuter than mine - but I still like mine. You can see that I didn't do the wings quite the way she did the wings. I just changed it a little bit. I made these to give to my two greatnephews for Easter (Payton, going on 3 and John, goin on 1) and they were well received.
But "Croq" is not strictly about crocheting (or any one particular craft).The Winter 2006 / Issue 3 has articles about podcasting, preparing for a craft fair, homeschooling and "The Church of Craft" as well as many recipes. Other issues have articles about do-it-yourself moving, recycling fabric and kids crafts. I haven't finished the set of "Croq" I have ordered, (work interferes) but I find it a well crafted publication. There is enough variety in the articles to keep any crafter interested. I'd suggest you at least take a look at it just for the fun of "Croq". All the contributors are very enthusiastic about their subject and seem to really enjoy themselves. Besides, where else can you find a magazine about amigurimi and homemade applesauce as well as do it yourself moving? Give it a try, it's really cool.

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YarnThing said...

Those are really cute little creatures. I bet my kids would really like some :-)