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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

it just proves what I thought all along;)

A hospital in England declared knitting a "hazard". Apparently somebody thought the knitting needles and the yarn were dangerous to visitors as well as patients. I'm not surprised. Many the times I have used my knitting needles to "sword fight" with my sons. I have also used them to pierce the noise box of a particularly annoying toy. I have tried "sword fighting" with my cat Spike, but he is more interested in holding on to the knitting needle.

so here's the article:

I guess crochet escaped notice because the hooks are shorter and there are no sharp points. We crocheters are luring people into a false sense of security. Soon, we will take over the world;)
(oops, I think it's past my bedtime;))

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Anonymous said...

Muahahaha. :o)