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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

finished objects

On the right is a poncho I made for a friend's grandaughter. It's made from Caron's Simply Soft and it was a joy to work with. This is probably the most basic poncho in the world - two rectangles sewn together with edging and fringe. I didn't rely on a pattern but made it up as I went along. I just used a shell stitch to create the rectangle and added little curly fringe on it. I was veryhappy with the way it turned out. I hope she will be happy, too.
On the left is the tree skirt I was working on for my sons. As you can see, it's just granny squares with a hole left in the middle so it can be draped around the tree. I was pleased with the way it came out, but wasn't too thrilled with myself for letting the ends wait to be woven in. I would stick to Bernat or Red Heart to make another one. I wasn't too thrilled with the way the Peacock yarn worked up, but I did like the colors.

An update on Payton: He is doing as well as can be expected. He is eagerly waiting for Santa Claus (of course). The case went to trial and the judge is waiting for a psych report on the two juveniles so he can decide what, if any, punishment they should receive. I'd rant and rave, but that's not what this blog is supposed to be about

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