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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

finished the tree skirt

I finally finished weaving in the ends of the Christmas tree skirt for my sons. I will _never_ wait until the end of the project to weave in all those ends again. It's basically a granny square pattern, I need to take a photo of it and post it. I made it with Peacock yarn (which I'm not that fond of), some Bernat and some Herschnerrer's. It various shades of blue, with a silver metallic thread in the yarn. I based it off of one I made almost (_eeek_) 36 years ago, long before there were kids or even before I had my own household. It's a good gift for somebody who is spending their first Christmas in their brand new household - or at least I think it is. Christmas decorations are something that never gets considered as a wedding gift or a house warming gift, but definitely a thoughtful one. My tree skirt is made from green, red and white Dazzleaire yarn. Remember that yarn, it was _great_. It has a sort of shimmery effect to it. It has held up very well (beter than me;)) after all these years. Since it's old enough, maybe it should run for president - but that's something to comtemplate for another time.
Two years ago, when my neice and her new hubby moved to their first home, I made them a tree skirt out of the same colors of yarn I used for Dan's & Will's tree skirt. I believ I got the pattern from one of the digest crochet books, but I wouldn't swear to it. It ended up looking similiar to a shrug and my sister-in-law teased that Allison would wear it rather than put it under the tree. I do think she is using it as a tree skirt.

Here's a freebie I was unaware of Monday when I posted freebies. Caron (see how nicely that fits in with the tree skirt) has a newsletter for the "Twelve Days of Christmas"
The first issue has Christmas stockings, one with a gingerbread girl and one with a gingerbread boy on it. The pattern is by Noreen Crone-Findlay and is very cute. So check it out!


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