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Sunday, December 16, 2007

fm 12/17/07

So you're giving a book and think it needs a little something else? Or maybe you're sending a card out that you want a little something "extra" in? Here is a quick bookmark pattern:

How about a tiny thread teddy beat tutorial? Edith Molina (she writes excellent patterns) has one online you can check out. Even if you feel too rushed now to make a thread bear, you can use it for future reference.

I asked a question about a size 7 hook for worsted weight yarn last week on Crochet Partners. I got a vey helpful answer from Wheat Carr. It's been on her blog but somehow I managed to miss it in my search to figure it out. M's Carr has plenty of cool stuff on her site, but I'm just giving you the conversion chart link right now - you can nose around to your heart's content.Here it is:

Not a free pattern, but something to drool over....

If you're looking for a particular pattern that you've seen done in Coats & Clarks yarn, you can get free Coats and Clarks patterns here:

This is a really cool stocking - a fair isle stocking. Maybe next year I'll try it - currently I don't need a need stocking for anyone. But I might try my hand at it just to see how it works up:

Just in case you have about 8 (or even 6) leftover granny squares, here's a quick & easy stocking. I can't tell you it's my original pattern, but I also can't tell you I have seen it in a pattern book. It's probably like a basic granny aquare - everybody knows the basics but nobody knows who thought it up first.
You take your 4 (or 3) granny squares and sew them in the shape of an "L". You repeat the same with the remaining 4 (or 3) granny squares. Now you can edge the "L"s with another color if you want or just sew or crochet both sides together and you got a stocking. You could put an edging on the top, then make s chain stitch hoop so the stocking can hang. I'm sure you can think of a dozen other ways to "gussy up" your granny square stocking.

The usual disclaimers apply - I get no kickbacks from these folks. If they wanted to give me a kickback, I would take it. (just being honest with you)


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