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Monday, December 03, 2007

Freebie Monday 12/3/07

I got a mixed bag of listings for you today. The first one I seriously considered keeping to myself because I am a big brat. It's a contest for a snowman crochet hook hand carved by Noreen Crone-Findlay and it is beautiful. I like to use snowflake designs for Christmas (that way if I don't take them down right away, it doesn't look so goofy), so I really think this is cool.
There's the website so you can see how the hook was made and you can enter the contest.

This also is a contest - it's for either a $300, $200 or $100 shopping spree at your favorite yarn shop. If you win, you could splurge on that yarn you've been eyeing but just can't justify buying it for yourself:

DMC (yes the embroidery thread people as well as perle cotton and Senso) have a site with free crochet patterns. If you want to check it out, here you go:

I said before I like snowflake patterns. I have made one snowflake afghan, but it didn't look like this one. I'm considering if I want to make another one - maybe. I do really like this pattern and it would make a great gift if you're fast enough to whip it up.

I don't have grandchildren and my sons are much to old to wear a hat like this. But I am thinking about making it for my great-nephews. Whether they are too fashion conscious to wear it, I don't know. If you get a chance to poke about Bev's Country Cottage, definitely take the time. She has some very lovely patterns - for sale as well as freebies - and they are always well written. http://bevscountrycottage.com/bevs-bear-beanie.html

Want to check out a few free crochet patterns from Interweave Press? That's a pattern for a boy's sweater here as well as a woman's pullover. Neither of these patterns are in the Interweave Crochet magazine: http://www.interweavecrochet.com/issue/materials_win07.asp#murphy

And here I go with another snowflake pattern. I really do _not_ need another scarf. In fact, I got some very soft yarnand some patterns for a scarf from a swap and I haven't used that yet.

I even buy those packs of crocheted snowflakes, I think they could be from India (not sure) because I think they are beautiful. I have a huge stack I was going to make a vest with, but now I don't like the way it looks. I did sew some on a denim Christmas stocking which of course, is _my_ stocking). I should post Craig's stocking....

As usual, I don't get a kickback from these folks, but as usual, I could be bought;)

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vegasangelbrat said...

Same afghan I've been telling myself to make for long time now..lol It definitely is a gorgeous one!
Just thoguht I'd stop by and say hi as I'm your pal for the Christmas kit Swap!